Social Security Office Wichita KS 67226

Looking for social Security office Wichita KS (Kansas) to get your doubts clear from social security administration Wichita KS then here is the step by step procedure to contact or meet them. We have included office phone number and how to get an appointment to reach your (SSA office Wichita KS) local social security office in Wichita KS with full details.

Social Security Office Wichita KS

Social Security Office Wichita KS 67226

Is It Easy To Apply For Social Security Disability In Wichita, KS? Know More!

In Kansas, people do not get short-term disability benefits like in several other states in the United States of America. However, people living in Kansas who can no longer work because of their medical conditions may get qualified for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), SSI (Supplemental Security Income), workers reimbursement (if the injuries occurred at a workplace). To know about your eligibility for Social security disability insurance, having a word-to-word conversation with a representative at a Social Security office Wichita KS is an ideal way to go with.

Everyone has a different or unique experience when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. The reason is that everyone has a different and individual medical record, as well as work history. Potential applicants should be aware of the thing that every state in the USA, such as Kansas has its own story when it comes to Social Security Disability application procedure and its approval rates at different stages of the procedure along with different waiting times at the hearing stage.

It is important to have state-by-state information when anyone is going to apply for Social Security benefits like disability benefits, retirement benefits, or survivor benefits in a particular state. By doing so, you will come to know what the latest trends are, what the different rates of approvals are, and how much time it takes to get approval from office to office.

There are many specialized disability advocates in this state who can help you with an easy application process and also approval due to their knowledge and experience. Under their guidance, you are going to make smart decisions like when to apply, what needs to present in a case, etc.

Social Security Disability and SSI in Kansas

SSI and SSDI are two federal programs ruled or controlled by the SSA or Social Security Administration. These can be very hard to qualify for. There may be different conditions or requirements you need to meet. If your case is different from others, then taking legal help would be of greater help.

Your disability must be anticipated to last for at least 1 year and prevent you from a considerable amount of work. When it comes to SDI, it is available to those who have been employed for a number of years and paying taxes to Social Security. On the other hand, SSI is available to those applicants who have low income, as well as low assets.

There are some rare cases, in which disability applicants can become eligible for both SSI and SSDI. If you are disabled and need assessment to know your eligibility, then visiting the official website of the SSA should be your next step. Another way is to visit the local Social Security office in Wichita, KS or you can check online.

Once your local office in Wichita, KS reviews your disability application properly to decide whether or not you are qualified for SSI, SSDI, or both. They will also check your technical requirements whether these are fulfilled or not, which may include the amount of work credits or income on a monthly basis.

After going through all these steps, the SSA sends this compiled information to DDS or Disability Determination Services, which is a state agency and accountable to make disability decisions for the SSA. In a previous year, 47% of the Social Security disability applications got ideal claims, this percentage is above the national average.

Social Security Office Wichita KS Kansas

If you need to contact DDS in Kansas, then details must be known. These are:

Address: 3207 N. Cypress Street

Wichita, Kansas 67226

Contact number: (866)-931-9173 

Social Security Website:

Social Security Office Wichita KS

When is the best time to go to the Wichita social security office?

Except On Federal Holidays
Monday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am – 12:00pm
Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Other than Wichita, there are other field offices in Kansas also, which are Topeka, Salina, Manhattan, Johnson County, Hutchinson, Dodge City, Kansas City, and a lot more.

Medicaid facility in Kansas

Other than the Social Security disability benefits, residents of Kansas are also allowed to receive Medicaid coverage. This facility is given to all disabled recipients of SSI automatically. People receive an additional monthly amount in Kansas known as a state supplement if they are disabled. They are qualified for SSI and reside in Medicaid nursing homes and receive other Medicaid facilities. They get an additional 32 dollars per month. On the other hand, couples get an additional 64 dollars per month. The state supplement is administrated by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and Division of Healthcare Finances.

Workers compensation in Kansas

If the case is that where your disability was the outcome of a job-related injury or illness and had lasting penalties to your ability to work. In this scenario, you may be capable of getting temporary or permanent disability benefits. In this state, most employers are legally needed to carry the compensation insurance of workers for their employees. These compensation benefits are usually simpler to receive than SSI or Social Security Disability. The reason is that this program only covers partial disabilities.

Why hire a Social Security Disability attorney?

No matter where you are going to put your application for Social Security Disability benefits in Kansas, you should understand the entire process like what stages are included, how to put an application, etc. there are normally three stages included in the application procedure for getting these benefits, these are:

  • Initial application
  • Reconsideration
  • The hearing

When your application is at the initial stage, and if it gets denied, then reconsideration is required and at that time, you need professional assistance because it is complicated to make your case reconsidered in front of the judge. Here, Social Security disability attorneys are beneficial. Social Security office near me

They will tell you all about the approval rates of applications at all stages in Kansas as compared to other states. They will guide you at every step wherever you need. Once they prepare your case completely, then your case will be heard at the social security office Wichita KS. So, it is always suggested to prepare yourself with the support of attorneys before applying to increase the approval chances. Social Security office near me

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