Social Security Office Utah

Looking for social Security office Utah  to get your doubts clear from social security administration Utah then here is the step-by-step procedure to contact or meet them. We have included office phone number and how to get an appointment to reach your (SSA office Utah) local social security office in Utah with full details.

Social Security is one of the most important sources of income in the majority of the countries where this program is in action. Social Security provides financial help to individuals and families. The state of Utah has five SS (Social Security Office Utah) field offices, one office disability determination service, and one office of disability adjudication and review. Here you can get answers to all the questions.

Utah department of public health says that there are 1 out of 5 residents in Utah experiencing disability. In benefits, every year Utah social security beneficiaries receive $426 million. If you are disabled, retiree, or a survivor then you must know about the different ways to apply for social security because for the process of application you must be prepared before.

Social Security Office Utah

Social Security Office Utah

Applying for social security is among the daunting tasks you have to get through so that you start getting SS benefits on time. Well, there is nothing to worry about as this challenge can get smooth if you have the right information. This guide will help you in getting through the process with ease.

Where is the Social Security Office in Utah state?

Majorly there are 5 social security offices in utah state. Following 5 major cities are there in which social security offices are situated:

Ogden Social Security Office
Provo Social Security Office
Saint George Social Security Office
Salt Lake City Social Security Office
South Jordan Social Security Office

Applying for social security social security office utah address

There are different ways by which you can apply for the SS benefits like in person at the social security office Utah. You can also call the SS administration in Utah or send them a mail. Depending upon the social security benefits you are applying for you can pick an option and apply for your social security benefits.

Apply by phone number at Salt Lake City Utah

There are many situations when a person cannot get out of the house like in the case of disability; in such a situation you can apply for SS benefits by phone. There is a toll-free number on which you can give a call and get information about applying for social security, online services, eligibility, and benefits.

Utah Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review

SSA, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
125 South State Street, Suite 3102
Salt Lake City, Utah 84138
Telephone: (801) 524-5315
Fax: (801) 524-3348

Get an appointment in person at Salt lake City Utah

This is going to be the easiest way to apply and gather all the information in person. You can find a nearby Utah social security office by going online. You can get social security office Utah appointment and meet a representative in person and apply for your social security benefits. There are also online locators available where you can instantly get an address of a nearby office.

Utah Office of Disability Determination Services

Disability Determination Services
P.O. Box 144032
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111-4032
Telephone: 801-321-6500
Fax: 800-221-3493

Social Security Office Utah Hours

As of March 17 2020, all the offices will be closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So before visiting to any of the social security offices please call and ask for an appointment and plan your visit. Ask your doubts on phone then plan your visit.

Apply online at Utah Social Security Office

Another way to apply for social security benefits is applying application online. However, keep in mind that you cannot apply for all the SS benefits but some. You can visit online portals where you just have to enter the name of the city and get the address of the social security nearby or even apply online by following the guidelines available. What time do the social security office open in Utah? You can apply your online application from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 9 PM

The timings of office openings are normal even on federal holidays as well, but an exception may be there. As mentioned above, using the below guidelines one can apply for widely sought Social Security benefits with comfort, let’s go through them:

Retirement benefits

To apply for retirement benefits, you will need information related to your recent earnings, military background, marital history, eligibility for a federal pension, and in case, if any of your family members are eligible for these benefits according to your own work record.

The things required during the time of application include your SS number, original or certified copy of the birth certificate, or a religious record of birth like a baptismal certificate before your age of 5 years, military discharge papers, Form W-2 earnings statements from your employer (one or more than one), your tax return from the previous year in case of self-employment, and proof of U.S citizenship or legitimate alien status. The application can be filed by phone, in-person, or online. If you want an in-person application process, then check out How do I make an appointment at the Social Security office utah?

Disability benefits

In this case, you must be careful that it can take time to prepare your case. Your dependent family members may file for supplementary benefits according to the record of a disabled worker. The documents and information you need to submit will be your Social security number and your spouse, as well as minor children, contact details for your medical providers, birth certificate, dates of your appointments at a healthcare facility, and medical records based on your condition along with the prescription details, your work history summary, military discharge papers, most recent Form W-2 earnings statements or tax return.

If you are self-employed, and details regarding other disability claims filed with worker’s compensation or insurance. Look online for its application procedure, or call at social security office utah phone number, or file in-person.

Survivor benefits

These are the survivor benefits that one can attain if his or her partner is deceased. For the application procedure, the Social Security number of a deceased person and an applicant along with the dependent children, if any, is required. Along with it, you may require your birth certificate or usual religious record, death certificate of your deceased partner, your Form W-2 earnings statements or tax return record if self-employed, and your marriage certificate or divorce-related information.

You can file as early as the month the covered retiree or worker dies in two ways, either by calling or contacting the person physically. In case, if you need help regarding anything related to the procedure for the Social Security benefits application, then it is requested to pay a visit to the official website of the Social Security Administration or go to the Social Security office in Utah directly. Visiting will also help you stay stress-free as the necessary information is available here with complete guidance.

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