Social Security Office Springfield MO 65807

Looking for social Security office Springfield MO (Missouri) to get your doubts clear from social security administration Springfield MO then here is the step by step procedure to contact or meet them. We have included office phone number and how to get an appointment to reach your (SSA office Springfield MO) local social security office in Springfield MO with full details.


Social Security Office Springfield MO 65807

Things To Consider While Dealing With The Social Security Administration In Springfield, MO

Social Security has thousands of rules and regulations, many of which apply particularly to those who are married or widowed, filing decisions can be much more complex for couples than individuals. Possibly the biggest factor to know is that when one partner dies, the lower of a couple’s two checks from Social security goes away and the remaining spouse gets only the greater payment from then on. Hence, if you are the greater earner, you may want to delay claiming as long as possible to increase a bigger benefit for you or your partner to live on.

To get an estimation of what amount you may get as a widowed person in the form of Social Security benefits in Springfield, MO, you may contact the Social Security office Springfield MO. No matter what Social Security benefits you want to apply for, getting information about them are much more important.

Rules to follow while dealing with Social Security Administration

Regarding anything related to Social Security in a specific state such as Springfield, MO, you must follow some rules and regulations that will give you complete peace of mind while using the services of the Social Security Administration. Start reading those rules:

Timings for calling the 800 number (Springfield mo social security office)

According to the SSA brochure, it is recommended to call the 800 number only throughout the second half of the month and after that only on Wednesdays Thursdays, and Fridays after 3:00 pm or 10:00 am. This recommendation will help you avoid the times when this number is most heavily used. Whether you accept this rule, it depends on 2 things such as:

  • Whether you really need to call the SSA either in Springfield or in any other state, at some other time.
  • How much you have recordings and busy signals.

You can call and have a word with a real person from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. In any case, if you call after 4:15 pm or before 8:00 am local time, your call will be directed to a teleservice center in another time zone. If you prefer calling during regular working hours, the more chances your call will be controlled by a teleservice center situated in your time zone.

The Social Security office Springfield MO number details are 877 850 7824. For details related to the toll-free number of the Social Security Administration, visit the SSA’s official website.

Maintain secrecy related to the contact number of the claims representative at a local SS office

As there are different Social Security offices in big cities, they have unlisted telephone numbers. It is important to know that only the 800 number is mentioned in major metropolitan telephone directories. It is not easy to get local office contact numbers from the phone company and even you may not obtain them from the teleservice centers as they are being instructed not to reveal the details of the phone numbers of local offices in big cities. When you talk to a representative person for any reason from a local Social Security office in Springfield, MO, you must always ask for a contact number and then save it. It will help you contact the person again if necessary directly.

Avoid relying on the teleservice center for answers to necessary questions about the claim

The SSA has offered you a service to check appointments with the local SS office, report a change of address or complaint for a missing check, or ask anything necessary regarding Social Security programs, i.e. the teleservice center. But, answers from these centers that impact entitlement to Social Security disability benefits or SSA are not to be trusted. There are studies that have shown that some answers related to SSI, Social Security benefits for retirees, disabled persons, and survivors were wrong.

This is why it is suggested to talk to a local Social Security office representative, these answers tend to be much more reliable. If you are not able to contact a representative, call again the 800 number to check if you get the same answer again.

You cannot work and you are applying for SSDI, do not let SSA disappoint you

Many people having valid disability claims give up if they get denial letters or after having a word with SSA representatives. It is unlucky as many of these persons would be found disabled if they followed their claims. There is no need to believe SSA if they say you are not disabled because they are often wrong.

If you are unable to work, pursue your claim at least through the hearing level of appeal. Before an administrative law judge, the hearing is the only point in the procedure where a person will get a chance to describe his/her impairments to a decision-maker personally and explain the things clearly how the signs of disability limit the ability to work of a person.

Social Security Office Springfield MO Missouri

One can visit the Springfield social security office mo, here are the details:

1570 W Battlefield St, suite 100

Springfield, MO – 65807

Social Security Website:

Maintain the copies of everything you send to SSA and get from SSA

Of course, when you are in the process to claim something or applying for any of the benefits, the more chances you are going to get something from SSA or you may need to send something to SSA. No matter how unimportant anything from SSA looks, make sure you keep it in a safe place. At the same time, keep the post-marked envelopes with you. Moreover, it would be good if you always save a copy of everything that you have mailed to SSA.

If you visit a social security office Springfield MO nearby you, then you may complete the forms there, it is advised to get records of those copies and keep them with you. Or if you have any conversations made with SSA representatives during your visit to the office, then make sure to write notes of the questions and answers received from SSA. If you are told something that impacts the eligibility for your benefits, then you should ask for it in writing.

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