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Looking for social Security office Scranton PA (Pennsylvania) to get your doubts clear from social security administration Scranton PA then here is the step by step procedure to contact or meet them. We have included office phone number and how to get an appointment to reach your (SSA office Scranton PA) local social security office in Scranton PA with full details.

Social Security Office Scranton PA

Social Security Office Scranton PA

Social Security Scranton Benefits: – How To Avail Them?

Disability not only affects your body but can also affect your capability of working and earning money. Fortunately, there is financial assistance provided to the Scranton residents that can ease their financial burdens. If you are suffering from any severe disability that pulls you back from earning money then you are eligible for the social security disability benefits.

Many times humans get disable due to accidental injuries or disease that prevents them from gainful and substantial employment, this is the time when you must get the claim for your disability under the social security program, Scranton. Anyone who is dealing with SSA knows how tricky it is to get the claim on time. Oftentimes people with genuine need of disability claim has to face denial of their application and this is a common issue. The reason behind it is the length of the programs.

If you are applying for worker’s compensation this is not going to take too long because the benefits you get are only for a short period of time. This is the reason why it is easy to get workers compensation approved.  Also, it is easy to get removed from the program. On the other hand, side if you are filing a claim for social security disability get prepared to deal with a challenge here.

The reason why it is hard to get SSD benefits is that you are going to get lifetime financial assistance under this program. You are also not removed from the program once you start receiving social security programs. For all these reasons it is harder to get easily qualified for the SSD benefits in Scranton.

Why SSD applications get denial?

If your applications get denied you are not alone as about 2/3rd of the SSD beneficiaries face

Denial every day

It is important that you get a free consultation from an expert about Scranton social security or hire an attorney to prevent denial of your application. Below are some of the reasons why your application can get denied initially.

You can still work

Many times people apply for the SSD benefits though they are in working condition and are also earning.  It is vital to understand that social security benefits are for those who are absolutely incapable of earning money, so if you can work you are not simply eligible.

Lacking medical evidence

The second reason for facing denial is the lack of medical records. To avail of SSD benefits, you must have strong evidence that can prove you are incapable of earning money due to disability. The best way to prove your disability is to provide all the records and paperwork associated with your treatment.  You must be able to prove through documentation that your disability is interfering with your working capabilities and that are consistently seeing a doctor for treatment. Make sure that you have all the proofs ready with you.

You are not following your doctor’s advice

 If you have neglected your doctor’s advice and not taking treatment, medications, or undergoing prescribed surgery that can give your health back, can hurt your disability claim.

You are not co-operating

 You must co-operate with the rules and regulations of the social security Scranton administration and provide them with every necessary document. If you fail to co-operate you will not be eligible for the claim.

Previous denial

In case your application has been already denied many times this can lower your chances of getting a claim. There are many things that require re-evaluation. You must mend your previous mistakes as you get many chances to get your application approved even after few denials.

Social Security Office Scranton PA Timings 

These are the few factors that commonly affect people’s claims. If you have prepared all the paperwork appropriately and have provided proof that you are not able to work due to disability then there are full chances of getting your application for the first time. For more details you can visit Scranton social security office which is open from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM, Wednesday from 9 AM to 12 PM. On Weekends the office is closed.

Social Security Scranton PA Office Address 





Social Security Website:

You can visit the nearby Scranton SS office because this is the place where your eligibility is determined for disability as well as survivor benefits. For gaining retirement social security benefits you can take the aid of the nearby office officials. You can also apply for

  • Retirement benefits
  • Medicare benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Appeal decision

You can also get assistance related to your social security account information, review your earnings history, latest social security statement, ask for your application status review, change of address, get prints of proof of benefits, and get prints of 1009 forms and much more.  For every social security-related information, documents, legal help, and others you can take the assistance of your local SS office.

Social Security Scranton PA provides monthly payments to the people who are retired, have few resources, disable, or with low income. If you have decided to apply for the social security benefits then the first thing you must do is to submit an online application at the official Scranton SS website or you can also call a toll-free number 866-635-0767 and fix an appointment at your nearby SS office. Parents can also apply for the SS benefits for their disabled children who are under the age of 18 years. In some cases, even a third party can apply for the benefits on the behalf of the disabled. There is important documentation that you can submit.

  • Your social security card which will provide your SS number
  • Birth certificate /age proof
  • Bank books, payroll slips, burial records
  • Proof of citizenship or nom-citizenship status
  • Contact details like address, clinics/hospital you have been to

There is much more required but your local SS office (social security office in Scranton Pennsylvania) is going to help you in preparing all the paperwork and other required items. You must look for the local office nearby and contact the officials in case of any confusion or query. You can also fix appointments and talk to them in person.

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