Social Security Office Portland OR 97205

Looking for social Security office Portland OR (Oregon) to get your doubts clear from social security administration Portland OR then here is the step by step procedure to contact or meet them. We have included office phone number and how to get an appointment to reach your (SSA office Portland OR) local social security office in Portland OR with full details.

Social Security Office Portland OR

Social Security Office Portland OR 97205

When Do You Need To Visit A Social Security Office In Portland?

There is possibly a Social Security office in every state in the USA. You might find a Social Security office near you or it is just a short drive away from you based on your living area. There may be a reason to visit a local Social Security office. Like, if you are living in Portland, you might be interested in going to a Social Security office Portland. But do you have a task for which you want to go there? Have you obtained complete knowledge about the services that can be obtained online, eliminating the need of visiting an office physically?

What Social Security services are offered online?

Social Security Administration provides a variety of services online, which may include the application for applying to retirement benefits. But there are many things you may need to do that will need a trip to your nearest Social Security office in Portland.

The Social Security Administration has given people in different US states a chance to access most of the Social Security services online and they do check them very often. One latest addition to that list is that some people can also apply for a Social Security card by just going online, whether they want a new or replacement card. It is only possible when they meet some certain requirements online.

It can be done by using only ‘my Social Security’ account. The Social Security Administration has an official website, where people can make their personal accounts, the site is It is very easy to create an account on this site by just providing some basic information. The list of things you can do online is mentioned below:

  • Applying for spousal or retirement benefits
  • Applying for Social Security disability benefits
  • Appealing a decision about your disability claim
  • Applying for Medicare
  • Checking the status of your application, be it anything related to Social Security
  • Finding out if you are eligible for benefits
  • Estimating your benefits based on a variety of factors
  • Viewing your Social Security statement
  • Getting a benefit verification letter
  • Getting a replacement Social Security card
  • Starting or changing direct deposit
  • Blocking electronic access to your information

It is quite a short list of the common reasons, which may require you to go to a Social Security office nearby you in Portland or any other city of the USA according to your needs and preferences. If there is a situation where you want to pay a visit to an office nearby you, then having a Social Security office Portland appointment is vital. For that reason, go online and book an appointment with them.

Offline Social Security services

The above-mentioned services can also be availed offline by meeting in-person if you are not willing to use the online option because of a lack of knowledge or interest. Many people simply prefer managing these things in-person or using a phone. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. Like, if you are an 87-year old person, of course, you would not want to login into your Social Security account and do any of these things, no matter how convenience it offers.

When it comes to offline Social Security services, there are many. Like, there is a facility that can be obtained online, replacing a Social Security card. But this option is not accessible by almost every person. Some people are restricted to this option. If you meet some specific requirements, then you can use an online option to get your Social Security card, either a replacement or a new. These requirements are:

  • You must be 18 years old
  • You must not be requesting a name change in the card
  • You must be a resident of 8 states or Washington, D.C

If you fulfill this criterion, then you can login into your Social security account on the official website. Other people still need to fill out an application along with their original birth certificate and other supporting documents that represent their identity. It can be done at the Social Security office near you or using mail. But it is always recommended to avoid sending original identifying documents in the mail due to security issues.

The application for Supplemental Security Income or SSI cannot be done on the web. There is no other method to complete this thing, rather than meeting a person physically at an office closer to you. Contacting the Social Security Administration office Portland via phone number is the best option to get an appointment. This facility will be available online very soon in the coming years.

Another thing you cannot do online is the survivor benefits. You also need to choose an in-person visit to an office to apply for survivor benefits. The reason is that this thing needs a lengthy documentation procedure according to your relationship with a deceased person. There may be a number of questions that need to be answered and can be lengthy.

Finding your local office

For any reason, if you need to go to a nearby Social security office in Portland, then it is very easy to locate by going to the official website of the Social Security Administration. The contact details like the address of an office, phone number, and operating hours. Having an appointment is not needed if you are willing to visit the office, but the SSA always suggests to do it because it may lead to higher waiting times in recent years because of more budget and staff cuts.

Social Security Office Portland Oregon

Is there a Social security office in Portland? Yes, of course, the address and other details are mentioned below:

Portland Social Security Office 

1538 SW Yamhill St

Portland, Oregon- 97205

Phone: 888 632 6990

Fax: (833) 950-2630

Portland Social Security Office

2625 Se 98 Ave
Portland, OR – 97266

You can contact social security administration portland oregon from Monday to Friday during the hours of operation. To get exact details of the operation hours, checking the official website is always recommended because there are the latest updates regarding the opening and closing of a Social Security office nearby you available on the website. Make sure you make a correct decision when you are interested in applying related to Social Security benefits. (social security portland oregon)

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