Social Security Office Boise ID 83709

Looking for social Security office Boise ID (Idaho) to get your doubts clear from social security administration Boise ID then here is the step by step procedure to contact or meet them. We have included office phone number and how to get an appointment to reach your (SSA office Boise) local social security office in Boise ID with full details.

Social Security Office Boise ID

Social Security Office Boise ID 83709

Do You Need Assistance With Social Security Disability In Boise?

Are you qualified for Social Security Disability benefits in Boise? Similarly, there may be a number of questions coming to your mind when you are thinking about claiming your Social Security Disability benefits. Regardless of the fact whether you are residing in Boise or in any other city or state of the USA, claiming these benefits may be similar, but somehow different in different states. In Boise, there are special disability attorneys in Boise as well, who help and support clients wanting to claim their disability benefits from Social Security.

Understanding what the Social Security disability benefits are, will be helpful before deciding whether or not to claim them. So, proceed further:

What are Social Security Disability benefits?

These benefits are designed to support people who are suffering from disability and unable to be in employment due to their long-term disability. When it comes to getting assistance from the SSA, there are many options for disabled people. People who have been in employment and paid as taxes into the Social Security system may be qualified for SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance.

When disabled people apply for their claims, then the more chances, they get denied, in case, if they have not applied or done properly. To check your claims for Social Security Disability, it would be good if you contact the Social Security Office Boise and then hire a disability attorney if needed according to your situation.

SSI or Supplemental Security Income is also a federal income supplement program by the SSA. It depends on the financial needs of a person, whether he has worked or not. Social Security Administration also provides other programs as well for disabled widows and widowers, along with disabled adult children. It is also important to clarify whether you come under the disability category or not.

What is a disability?

According to the SSA rules, a disability is defined as the inability to engage in any extensive gainful activity by cause of a medically determinable mental or physical impairment that can be anticipated to result in demise or which has lasted or can be anticipated to last for a constant period of not less than twelve months.

Impairment’s length: To get qualified for benefits, a person’s disability must be anticipated to result in demise or last at least twelve months or can be anticipated to last at least twelve months. This requirement of a 12-month duration is applicable to both SSI and SSD.

The duration necessity may be fulfilled even though recovery is anticipated after a twelve-month time. To check whether you are eligible, getting an appointment or going through a conversation with a claim representative is important and it can be done by visiting in-person or calling them. To get a Social Security office Boise appointment, call them or contact them online, if possible.

Introduction to a Medically Determinable Impairment

It is a physiological, anatomical, or psychological abnormality that can be shown by medically acceptable laboratory and clinical diagnostic techniques and which are recognized by medical evidence comprising of symptoms, signs, and laboratory findings—not only by the statement of symptoms by an individual.

How the SSA does determine disability?

Using the Social Security office Boise phone number, you can find out whether or not you are qualified for such benefits, and if such, then what amount you will receive. When it comes to deciding factors related to Social Security disability benefits, there are many. The Social Security Administration will assess your medical evidence, which also includes medical records and test outcomes when they are going to determine if you are disabled or not. Simply, it is the decision of the SSA to determine your Social Security benefits after finding your disability and conclude whether you are eligible for SSI or SSD. Some essential things are important to keep in mind, such as:

  • The Social Security Administration makes case-by-case and independent disability determinations
  • Disability determinations are not dependent on a rating system, it just needs the fact you are either disabled or not
  • The determination by any other agency apart from the SSA concluding that you are disabled or not will not impact your disability deciding via the Social Security Administration
  • If you have a denial for these benefits in the past, it does not mean that you will be going to get denied again

What the Social Security Administration is seeking?

According to your medical evidence or records, the SSA will determine your disability. The SSA will discover that you are not suffering from any disability if the medical and other proof in your case confirms that your impairment is not severe at all.

An impairment is not severe if it does not suggestively restrict your mental or physical disability to do basic work activities, like lifting, sitting, walking, standing, handling, carrying, pulling, pushing, crouching, stooping, hearing, seeing, speaking, carrying out, understanding, and remembering easy instructions, making use of decisions or judgments, giving responses appropriately to supervision, colleagues, co-workers, and usual working circumstances, and dealing with changes in a daily work setting.

If you want to get deeper into impairments, it is best advised to visit Social Security Disability Office Boise because here, you will get more clarity with complete understanding. The address of the disability office in Boise is mentioned below:

Social security office Boise Idaho

Disability Determination Services

P.O. Box 21

Boise, Idaho 83707

Telephone: 208-327-7333

Fax: 800-626-2681

Social Security Website:

Boise social security office

The Social Security Administration’s address in Boise is:

Social Security Office

1249 S Vinnell Way

Boise, Idaho – 83709

Telephone: 855 377 9316

Fax: 833 912 2549

Best Social Security disability lawyers in Boise

If you need any support related to your disability like its claiming process, denial application, or anything else, there are professional disability lawyers in Boise, who provide you with the support to get rid of confusion and frustration that you might have due to paperwork and claiming process. These lawyers will review your case and provide you with the best path to go forward. They are available to help you in any manner to make things right when it comes to approving your Social Security benefits after claiming.

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