Social Security Office Anchorage AK 99513

Looking for Social Security Office Anchorage AK (Alaska) to get your doubts clear from social security administration Anchorage AK then here is the step by step procedure to contact or meet them. We have included office phone number and how to get an appointment to reach your (SSA office Anchorage AK) local social security office in Anchorage AK with full details.

social security office anchorage ak
social security office anchorage ak

Social Security Office Anchorage AK 99513

Social Security Disability Claims In Anchorage

The times we are facing today are distressing for everyone. We cannot leave your home, cannot meet our loved ones and every unfortunate thing might not be similar for all. If you are living in anchorage and need to apply for the social security disability benefits then you are at the right place. 

If you are new to this still you might have heard this; getting social security benefits in the one go is difficult. People have thousands of questions in their minds and the only way to get answers for this is to visit the social security office anchorage where you can get professional assistance. You can ask them how soon you will start getting SS benefits or how long will the process take and other questions that you have in your mind.

Your concern is understandable and this is you must go through this post till the end as you can get many useful answers in this.

If you are disabling and there is no one in your family to take care of you then this is the time that you apply for social security. No matter what others say about the difficulty of social security you must jump in because you are going to get successful in the end for sure.  Social security disability benefits are entitled to those who are disabling and cannot work. If you are able to submit a complete application you will start getting benefits soon.

How long will it take?

In anchorage, the process and timings are the same as in any other state of America. If you want to know how long it will take to complete the process then the answer is it can take 1-2 years, the answer is quite frustrating but it is true. There are several factors that can impact your social security benefits it can take 1 or 2 months to get approval or you might be fighting your case for years.

The fact is there is no particular answer to the question of how long will it take. Still, there are few things that you can do to raise your chances like hiring n attorney or following step by step and get through this. To know more you must visit the local social security anchorage office and talk to a representative in person.

Anchorage Social Security Office


222 W 8th Ave
Anchorage, AK – 99513

Phone Number:


Social Security Website:

Contributing factors for delay

It is important that you know what factors can impact your social security claim so that you can avoid mistakes and prevent delays.  The first factor is the time for the disability claim to be denied or approved.  Initially, it can take one to two months for claims to get processed. If you will be lucky enough you will be able to get approval in just two months. If you face denial you will have to go for a second review and this will take longer.

Another factor is your medical records; how long your doctors are taking to prepare your medical records.  If your doctors submit your medical records on time it will definitely help in speeding up the process.  In case you are not able to submit complete medical records then in the upcoming time, your doctors will have to meet SSA for further review.  This will again impact the timings because an appointment will need to be scheduled and if you keep on rescheduling the dates you will lose chances of a second review.

The third factor is the state you are residing in. In some of the states, it might take longer because of the backlog. Fortunately you will not have to fight with time in anchorage. In Illinois, you will have to wait more than in Utah.

Tips for getting fast approval

 There is always something you can do to get your application to move faster. These below-mentioned tips will help you

  • You must prepare a solid file of your medical records with every document you have made to get treatments for your disability. Submit every document along with the application and do not wait for the medical examiner to file your records on your behalf.
  • No matter how many doctors you have appointed for your treatment you must mention them all. Include their address, makes, and dates when you visited them. This will make established medical care.
  • Every letter from your doctor will be of great help. This letter will mention your medical conditions and what treatments and medications you are receiving from the time of your disability to till date.
  • You must keep on monitoring your health and provide data to SSA. SSA can ask you for more evidence and this will help.
  • Consider hiring an attorney because professional help will be great because they are familiar with the entire process and can assist you with every single step. They know about the evidence that you will need to support the claim.
  • Visit the local anchorage social security office to get answers. If you are a first-time applicant then this is something that you must not ignore. Meeting a SSA representative is a wise thing to do initially.

Follow these tips and you will definitely raise the chances of speeding up the process.  If you are disabled and not in working condition then do not delay filing an application. SSA always works hard to speed up the process and those who genuinely suffer from a disability and can prove this successfully will definitely get approval faster. There is a fast track process for exceptional cases and under this process, you can get approval in just a few days rather than months.

Remember that you will have to wait and this is certainly so patience is going to be a virtue here. Social security is definitely a process that will frustrate you, but this is also not a process that can happen overnight. You just have to do everything that is mentioned here and everything that you learn from the social security office anchorage alaska. If you will submit every document and will follow the eligibility process thoroughly you will definitely receive social security benefits.

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