Social Security Benefits: How Can I Get Maximum Benefits?

The first commitment of society is to provide security to children and then other members against thirst, starvation, death and voracious predators. Our children need social security to grow and live. With the clear meaning of its name, SOCIAL SECURITY says it all. If an SS benefits are given to the citizens, then nothing can deteriorate the society, but if it is taken that individuals will have not much to offer society making social security an important factor that makes our society more valuable. There are social security offices, social security administrations, social security insurances which citizens can avail by paying the social security taxes.


A society that takes care of its disabled, sick, children, older citizens, unemployed and others is a society that is totally human by offering help to their own people. This is the only reason why United States of America provides its every citizen with SS benefits.  In the year 1935 social security act was enacted by US government. This act offers the individuals with different benefits. This way a human life value is affirmed and makes the life of people much better.

How to apply for SS benefits?

If you are approaching a retirement age, then you might be wandering to avail SS benefits, but how? You might not know how the process work and whom to contact. You can call their toll-free numbers (1-800-325-0778 or 1-800-772-1212) and have a talk with their representatives to get to another step. 

3 ways to apply

There are 3 options available when you need to apply for the SS retirement benefits.

Online application: 

You can choose to apply through SS administrations online application It will just take thirty minutes to get through the process. Just make sure that you have all the documents and information ready.

By phone or SS office: 

You can apply via phone as well or visit your nearby social security offices where you will definitely find someone to assist you.
No matter which method you choose to apply for your SS benefits your application is instantly reviewed and answered as soon as they receive your documents and information. They are also going to notify you in case you qualify or any other matter. Similar are the ways to apply for the disability, survivors and other SS benefits. To find a social security office nearby you visit

When to apply?

There are terms and conditions and qualification criteria that you need to follow to get the maximum benefits.  First, you must be 61 years and 9 months old, but you will receive benefits when you will turn 62 years f age. You can start your benefits from the month you turn 62. There is no need to rush until you reach a qualifying age. According to the SSA, you must apply for the benefits no more than 4 months before the date you want to receive benefits.

Information required

There are information and documents required to for the work history and identity. Before you apply you must have this information ready
  • Social security number
  • D.O.B. & birthplace
  • Spouse date of birth and number
  • Marriage place
  • Date of death or divorce
  • Names of the children( unmarried) under 18 years
  • Bank account information
  • Address and name  of the employers
  • The amount  one earned  last year, present year  and earnings estimation
  •  Record of your earnings
  •  Records  of the  active duty military services

If you are using online services or an application, then it is the easiest way to apply. You will be given instructions and also guides how you need to submit them. This is not the complete list as there are many specific circumstances that need documentation. For instance, if you have used any other SS number in your life, then you will also need a document for that. To get the complete list of the documentation required visit

Do I need an attorney?

It is your right to have a lawyer in the disability case. According to the stats, people have more chances to attain fast SS benefits having a representative. You must consider the benefit of hiring an attorney. Because every case is different an attorney plays a vital role in specific case facts. Here are few things he/she may do
  • Analyzing case under SS regulations
  • Gathering medical another imperative evidence
  • Contacting doctors and explaining SS regulations  to obtain your medical report
  • Advise  you to  best prepare testifying yourself at hearing
  • In case you win, he is going to calculate  your SSA benefits
  • In case you lose, request a review
  • If necessary, represent  the candidate in federal court

In case your SS disability benefits application is denied you must hire a professional as your representative. You can also contact SSA on their toll-free numbers to know more about your case and how you can get through it. 

Contact SOCIAL SECURITY A about a Payment

If you have questions regarding a Vendor payment, you can contact us by:



Fax:(410) 965-9248




The best way to get instant answers is to apply online or book an appointment by emailing them or calling them.  Online you will get a complete FAQ question in case of minor query.  For serious doubts, you must fix an appointment with the SSA representatives so that you must get financial support which is your right. Also, make sure that you have all your documents ready. SSA offers a wide range of benefits to the citizens and different people fall into the different category of the social security benefits.  It is a must to know about all your pros and cons, documentation, information, experts ready by your sides that you get financial help at the moment when you need it the most. SSA offers a variety of ways to approach them.
You can call them
You can mail them
You can fix an appointment
You can also contact them at their postal address

Contact SS through Postal mail:


Social Security Administration


Division of Administrative Payment Services


PO Box 47


Baltimore, MD 21235-0047




For SS Online Hours of Operation

·         Monday – Friday 5 AM – 1 AM ET
·         Saturday 5 AM – 11 PM ET
·         Sunday 8 AM – 11:30 PM ET
·         Federal Holidays – Same hours as the day of the week the holiday occurs

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